Italy’s Famous Landmarks

venice canal Venice Colosseum Leaning tower of Pisa

Learn more about Italy and its culture by viewing the below video links. Keep in mind that Italy is 2,000 years old, so many of the buildings are old and have eroded overtime. Did you know that Italy is 26 and a half times smaller than Australia? Well, it is. Italy is slightly bigger than Victoria in size. Italy is located in Europe and is made up of 20 regions which are similar to states. Each region has its own capital city. Italy’s population is approximately 60 million whilst Australia has a population of approximately 23 million. In Italy there are many famous landmarks. In most regions there is a famous landmark which reflects the region’s history. Have you ever visited some of these famous places in Italy? Tell us all about your experience by posting a comment below.

Explore the beautiful region of Venezia, Venice. Venice is surrounded by water canals- How do you think people get around? In Venice, you will find a gondola. Have you ever had a ride in a gondola?

Pompeii, Naples, Mt Vesuvius- The Lost City of Pompeii

Find out more about this interesting famous landmark, The Colosseum. The Colosseum is in Rome, Italy. Why was the Colosseum built during the Roman Empire period?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in Tuscany, Pisa, Italy. Find out why such a bell tower leans and how long it took to build.

Find out more about the Colosseum- Il Colosseo

St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy. The St Peter’s Basilica is the centre of the Catholic Faith. This Church is 2,000 years old and has such a rich history. The St Peter’s Basilica is built on St Peter’s tomb, the tomb of one of Jesus’ disciples. The Peter’s Basilica has been designed to hold a large number of people- 60,000 people to be precise. Listen carefully to the above link and discover much more about such an amazing landmark.

Pope Francis celebrates his First Christmas Eve midnight mass inside the St Peter’s Basilica in 2013. Pope Francis carries the statue of Baby Jesus.

The Trevi Fountain is situated in the heart of Rome, Italy. Discover why so many tourists visit such a famous landmark each year. Did you know that the design of the Trevi Fountain ( La Fontana di Trevi) was inspired by the Greek Gods??

The Alfa Romeo is designed and manufactured in Milano, Italy. The Alfa Romeo manufacturing industry started in 1910 and is still going strong. Nowadays, we see many Alfa Romeo cars on our Victorian roads. Next time you see an Alfa Romeo you can reflect on where did such a prestige car come from?

The Ferrari is also another fast car which is designed and manufactured in Italy. Listen carefully to the above link to explore more facts about such a fast and very expensive car.

A Biography of Enzo Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari also engineered the Alfa Romeo P1 before designing the Ferrari.

Did you know that in Milano,Italy some of the fast and expensive cars are designed and manufactured such as the Maserati, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.

Many people forget that Italy also manufactures the small car, the Fiat. I hope to one day own a Fiat with Italian coloured strips- I guess it can be my retirement car. What do you think about the Fiat? Keep in mind that small cars are very popular in Italy due to the fact that the streets are very narrow and a car like the Fiat is very versatile and easy to park.

Each year, Carnevale is celebrated before the Lent season begins. Carnevale is a religious ceremony where people wear masks to hide their personal identity. The Italian saying for Carnevale is “Ogni Scherzo Vale” – Every Joke Counts. People play pranks and jokes on one another, it is an opportunity to be silly and crazy before the Lent season takes place. The Lent period is 40 days leading to Easter. Have a look at some of the spectacular masks and costumes worn by people.

Milano, Italy is the home of beautiful fashion, fashion which travels the world.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy

Sicily, The Aeolian Island, Lipari

Many people ask if I was born in Italy. My answer to this question is NO. I was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. My beautiful parents were born in Italy. My gorgeous mum, Adelina was born in Naples, Salerno in a village called Postilgione. She came to Australia when she was 23 years old. She is now 74 years old. I enjoy having an Italian conversation and a cappuccino with my mum.
My adorable dad, Antonio was born in Sicily on a small island called Lipari. He came to Australia when he was 10 years old. Schooling in Australia was quite hard for him as he did not know the English language very well. For many immigrants not knowing the English language was a big challenge. My dad is now 78 years old. He speaks English all the the time and rarely do I hear him speak Italian. My parents are both amazing human beings and I love them dearly. Explore the above links about Naples and Sicily.

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  1. Signora, this is an AMAZING blog! You have put a lot of effort into making this blog and all the hard work has paid off. Eccellente!!

  2. I found the Enzo Ferrari history documentary very interesting. I was a bit disappointed because number one in “Top Ten Italian Cars” is the Bugatti Veyron yet Bugatti originated in France but moved onto Germany so it is not an Italian car. The only reason people think its Italian is because “Ettore Bugatti” the person whom started Bugatti was born in Italy, he manufactured high- performance automobiles. Bugatti was sold to hispano-suiza in 1963, a French car company and sold to the Volkswagon group (a German car company) in July 1998.

  3. Wow! I would love to go to all of those attractions in Naples they all seem very good to look at and I would definitely go to them in the future.

  4. I liked the video of the Leaning Tower of Pisa fun fact series. I didn’t know that it weights around 14,ooo tonnes. I also didn’t know that the Learning tower of Pisa is only 55.86 meters tall, it is a very interesting building because it leans to one the side. It is very cool that if you are standing very far away from the Leaning Tower of Pisa that you can put your hands out and it looks like your holding it.

  5. I watched the video clip of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I thought it had a lot of interesting information. It weighs around 14,500 tonnes and leans at a 10 degree angle. It is 55.86 metres tall and it took over 800 years to build. It stood straight for five years then it leaned towards one side because they left it for 100 years. The tower has 8 storeys and 294 steps.

  6. Wow,I watched the Pompeii, Naples, Mt Vesuvius, The Lost City of Pompeii video it was very informative. I learnt that the statues of Pompeii are real bodies from the Mt Vesuvius’ eruption which killed many people covering them in rock. I recommend everyone to watch it.

  7. I watched the video clip [Top 10 Italian Cars].I liked the Lamborghini’s and the Ferrari’s the most. Thank you Signora Bonfante for making a Italian blog. [Joel]

  8. I watched the video clip of the top ten Italian cars, however the sound DID NOT WORK, but the cars looked sensational!

  9. I liked the video link of the top ten famous Italian cars. I liked the video because I like cars and they have some of my favourite cars on the video. Some of them were Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti and the Alfa Romeo. ( Xavier 4MB)

  10. I watched the video link of the top ten cars. My favourite car in the video was the Ferrari California. I wish that I could get all of the cool car that were in the clip, the cars go so fast!

  11. I watched the video of top ten cars. My favourite car in this video was the Ferrari California. I wish that I could buy all of the cool cars that were in the clip, these cars go so fast!!
    (Jordan) 4MB

  12. Signora, I watched the video clip of the Leaning Tower Of Pisa I thought it was very interesting and very enjoyable. Once I went to Italy and I visited the Leaning Tower Of Pisa and I have learnt a lot more since then. My favourite 2 facts are the Leaning Tower weighs 14,500 and it leans on a 10 degree angle. (by Grace 4MB)

  13. I watched the top 10 italian cars and I never knew that there were so many good cars in Italy. I loved every second of the clip. My favourite car was the Lamborghini ,it looked so COOL!. I could not believe my eyes when I saw such an amazing car. I loved this video.

  14. I watched the video clip about Pompeii and I found it very interesting. One thing that I learnt was that Pompeii was left untouched for 1700 years. When archeologists came along they discovered that when the Mt Vesuvius erupted the people of Pompeii became trapped and the ash covered and concreted their bodies into stone figures.By Lottie

  15. I watched the video about Carnevale in Venezia. It was interesting how some costumes really disguised the person’s identity.
    I wish I could dress like them.

  16. I watched the video link top 10 italian cars. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the Lamborghini, it looked so cool I said to myself WOW!!!

  17. The Leaning Tower of Pisa video had a lot of interesting facts about such an amazing building.Some of the information was that it took over 800 hundred years to build. The people who built it tried to get it straight. When it was half built the tower started to lean that’s how it got its name, The Leaning Tower of Pisa and that’s why it was great video. By Pierra

  18. I learnt that Pompeii was left alone for seventeen hundred years after Mount Vesuveus erupted. Only then did archaeologists really start to look for fossils.

  19. I really enjoyed watching the video about Pompeii. It was really interesting. It was a great video.

  20. Ciao Signora, it is Chloe from 3SW. I really like this page a lot. I watched the video clip about fun facts about the Colosseum. I learnt that the Colosseum is an egg shaped building and is 620 feet long, 512 feet wide and 158 feet tall. It is on 6 acres. The Colosseum was made with more than 11.million tonnes of stone, brick and concrete. It has 80 entrances and it is large enough to accommodate 50,000 spectators. In 847 AD, the southern wall of the Colloseum collapsed because of an earthquake. Historical data suggests that the games played at the Collosseum for hundreds of years have claimed the lives of about 500,000 people and more than a million wild animals. Also, many singers have sang at the Colloseum like Billy Joel, Elton John Ray Charles, Paul McCartney. I really have learnt lots from this page and I enjoyed it

  21. Cara Chloe, thank you for your informative knowledge about the Colosseum.Obviously you gained alot of information watching the interactive you tube video link. Thank you for sharing your expertise knowldge with us. Bravissmima Chloe!!!

  22. Just watching the video of Venice makes me want to go back, it was amazing, I really enjoyed the Gondola rides and also going to the island of Murano, where I could see how Murano glass is made. Thank-you Signora for making this blog.
    Grazie Luca Agostinelli

  23. Ciao Luca, grazie tanto per la tua risposta. Maybe you can share some of your wonderful memories of Italy as I know that you have recently visited the country. Which parts of Italy did you see? Do you have family who are currently living there? Which region or province did you like most and WHY? Looking forward to reading all about your Italy adventures. Ciao a presto, Signora

  24. Ciao Signora,
    I just watched the video on Pompeii. I found out that Pompeii erupted in seventy nine AD. I always thought that when volcanos erupt they only erupt for a short amount of time, I now know that this fact is true because Pompeii erupted for 2 nights and 2 days.
    Grazie e Arrivederci da Zoe BK 6AB

  25. I went to many places in Italy: Rome, Florence, Turin, Pisa and a lot more. I really liked Rome and Florence and seeing all the different famous attractions. I have more family in Italy than Australia.

    In Florence, it was amazing seeing all the different statues. I saw the statue of David, Hercules and even someone holding a sword and the head of Medusa.

    In Torino, we went to one of the largest Egyptian museums in the world, it was amazing seeing what some of the Egyptians used to do in their everyday lifestyle.

    In Rome, seeing the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, Pantheon, Spanish steps and heaps more was amazing, ( I even got to see where “When In Rome” was filmed).

    These are just some of my Italy adventures. Overall I really liked Italy and I’d go back any day!

    I also ate alot of gelato, pizza and pasta.
    Grazie e Arrivederci da Luca

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