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I love Italy Inspiring Italy

Listen carefully to the Italian National Anthem. Read what the Italian lyrics are saying in English. Does the tune remind you of another song?

Take a special trip with Italia and explore where Italy is located and find out the meaning behind the three colours on the Italian flag. Learn more about Rome and some of its famous landmarks. Italia also travels to Naples to eat a delicious pizza, Venice to be part of Carnevale and ride a gondola. Have you ever been to Italy? If so what did you think about the country? In which year did you travel to Italy? Who did you go with? Did you visit relatives during your stay? Which part of Italy did you see?
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Kikki is a clever puppet who shares what she knows about Italy. What do you know about Italy? Do you know more than Kikki?

Do you enjoy eating pizza? If so, you will enjoy viewing this video link which focuses on the history of Pizza and its journey through time.

Have your ever wondered why the Italians give bombonieri to their guests?
A Bomboniere is a gift guests receive as a thank you gesture.Have you ever received a bomboniere for attending a Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation or a Wedding? Tell us all about it by posting a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Italy’s Culture

  1. (Alessia D) Italian Homework
    I watched the History of Pizza video. I found it very funny. I liked how at the end the audience was a lot of pizza people. The video was very educational. I loved it! Thank you Singnora for adding this to the Italian Blog.

  2. I watched the short clip of Kikki telling me about everything she knows about the country Italy. I didn’t know that the Colosseum is in Rome, Italy.

  3. Ciao Signora,
    I really enjoyed the video where it took us to Italy because I learnt that the Italian flag has a meaning to it, Hope, Faith and Charity. Thank you for the Italian blog it is great.

  4. Dear Signora
    I loved the history of pizza video.I thought it was funny and a good idea.I would have never thought there would be a video on the history of pizza.I also thought it was really intresting.

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