Italian Songs- Sing Along

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Listen and Sing Along to some popular Italian songs- Which song do you like best?

Ring-a-Ring a Rosie

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

The Popular Chicken Dance

The Italian Alphabet Song- How many letters are in the Italian Alphabet? Which letters are missing?

Next time you sing Happy Birthday to someone, surprise them by singing Happy Birthday in Italian- Buon Compleanno a Te!

Zecchino d’oro- Non lo faccio più- I will not do it again! Please forgive me!

Zecchino d’oro- Volevo un gatto nero- I wanted a black cat not a white cat.

Mi Scappa La Pipi Papa’- an old Italian favourite- Dad, I need to go to the bathroom!!!

Marty- Ci vuole un fiore- A flower is needed to make a…

Marty- Il Pappagallo- The Talking Parrot

Zecchino d’oro- Il gatto puzzolone- The very smelly cat

Canzoni per bambini di Coccole Sonore- Se Sei Felice-
If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

Canzoni per bambini di Coccole Sonore Stella, Stellina-
Star, Little Star

Canzoni per bambini di Coccole Sonore- Ninna, Nanna, Ninna Oh-A Goodnight Lullaby- Buonanotte a tutti!

La Canzone Del Capitano- A song about a Captain- Sing and dance along with the crew on the ship!

I bambini fanno ooh!!- When Children Say, ooh!!

La Casa- The House

La Casetta In Canada- The Little House in Canada.

Gioca Jouer- is a popular Italian dance. Can you follow the actions? Let’s dance!!

Il Ballo di Simone- Simon Says- Dance and Sing along with Simon and his friends!

Mamma Maria- Mum Maria- Another old classical Italian song- Ask your Nonno or Nonna do they remember this song?

Zecchino d’oro- Ti faccio la foto- I will take your photo

Tutti a tavola!- Everyone at the table, Let’s eat altogether!

Zecchino d’oro- Crock, Shock, Brock, Clock- Watch and see how these four naughty children entertain themselves when their parents leave the house for a little while.

Zecchino d’oro- Nonno Superman- Grandpa Superman

La tagliatelle di Nonna Pina- Grandma Pina’s Yummy Pasta called Tagliatelle

Sing Along to the Italian song, La tagliatelle di Nonna Pina- Italian Karaoke

Pesciolino Dance- Dance like a Fish!

Canzoncine per bambini- Scuola Rap- School Rap

Zecchino d’Oro- Pigiama Party- Pyjama Party

Viva, La Pappa col Pomodore- Hooray for Yummy Tomato Soup

Canzoncine per bambini- Dur Dur D’etre Bebe- Watch these amazing babies dance and sing- they are all very talented and gifted!

Tanti Auguri a Tutti! Happy Birthday to you all!

L”Arcobaleno- The Rainbow is You!!

Zecchino D’Oro- La Canzone di Colori- A Song About Colours!

21 thoughts on “Italian Songs- Sing Along

  1. Ciao Signora, I liked listening to the song, Mamma Maria. Also your Italian blog is amazing and awesome. I think all of your hard work paid off in the end.

  2. Ciao Signora, I would like to say thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into this amazing blog. The songs are great. The stories are great too! Now you can rest and look back on what you have done and see how much we love it!

  3. Cara Signora, you are the best Italian teacher in the whole entire school! I am so proud about this Italian blog. I think you are very, very smart.

  4. My mum and I watched the rollerskating babies and it was funny! I don’t think babies can really do that!

  5. Ciao Signora,
    I think the duck song is the best and the happy birthday song too! Thank you so much Signora.

  6. I liked the Nonno Superman video clip because the Grandpa was so much fun to be with. The grand daughter loved her Nonno.

  7. I liked the naughty kids one, when all the kids and the dog get up to mischief after the parents left the house! I like it because doing that would be really funny for anyone to do.

  8. I watched the video Mamma Maria and I thought the animation pictures were funny and the words were very interesting. It is the best song out of most of them. (Miller)

  9. I watched the song video Nonno Superman. It was a little bit funny when the nonno changed into a little boy and did the things he would of done when he was a child. I would recommend this video link to everyone because it is funny and engaging. ( Georgia 4MB )

  10. I watched the video Nonno Superman. I liked the video link Nonno Superman because it looks like the grandson and non no had a good relationship and you could tell that they loved spending time together doing lots of active things. If I could recommend a song it would be Nonno Superman or Mamma Maria.
    ( by Miller )

  11. Ciao Signora,
    This blog is amazing!!. I love what you have done. My favourite page was probably this page. It was fun and interesting. You must be very proud of yourself.

  12. Ciao Signora
    I think this is a fun learning page where kids can understand Italian better. I liked the babies on roller-skates it was so funny.
    Thank you for an amazing Italian blog Signora.

  13. Ciao Signora, it is Charlotte k and Riley,
    We watched the baby video, it made Riley and I laugh!

  14. There are some very interesting video’s to watch, my favorite is the babies rollerskating it was very funny.

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