Exploring the Italian Language

Benvenuti a tutti! Welcome to this Italian interactive page. The purpose of this page is to revisit and revise Italian language students are currently learning in the Italian classroom.

Help the Zumber cartoons explore Italian numbers up to 20- VENTI. Can you help them count in Italian?

Revise Italian numbers 1 1o 10 in Italian. Do you know how to count to DIECI?


There are many different greetings Italian use to greet one another. The greeting word people use depends who they are greeting and what time of the day it is. How many Italian greetings do you know? Listen carefully to the Italian greetings used in the above video link, How many Italian greetings do they talk about?

Explore how to introduce yourself in Italian with assistance from Consuelo.

Learn different ways of saying thank you to someone. Remember good manners are always appreciated in any language.

Consuelo teaches you how to ask someone if they speak English or Italian?

Consuelo teaches you how to say excuse me and I am sorry in Italian.

Listen carefully to basic Italian expressions and phrases. Try using some of these Italian expressions at home and school.

Revise your Italian colours with Professore Toto. Can you identify all Italian colours?

Learn the names of different animals. Repeat the words and phrases as you hear them- Have a go!

Year 6: Lesson 1: Watch this click to revise what Italian verbs are and what they look like- Would you be able to identify Italian verbs by their ending?

Year 6: Lesson 2: Watch and Listen carefully to this clip to further explore the 25 most used Italian verbs and how they are used in appropriate contexts using the subject pronoun “I”

Year 6: Lesson 3: Explore how different Italian verbs like GIOCARE, FARE, SUONARE, ASCOLTARE are used for different purposes.

Year 6: Lesson 4: Listen to how ESSERE- to be and AVERE- to have change according to the subject pronouns- What are subject pronouns?

10 thoughts on “Exploring the Italian Language

  1. I watched one of the learning clips, Italian in 3 minutes. It is a good learning tool. It is a good way to learn without taking up precious classroom time.

  2. Ciao,
    sono Candice piacere cocnoscerti.
    Grazie mille Signora for putting up these videos. I learnt a lot of new words watching the Italian in 3 minutes videos. I think I can finally have a full conversation with someone Italian mixing the new words I learnt and the words I learnt in Italian class. Lets learn Italian!

  3. Buongiorno Signora,
    Thankyou for making this Italian blog. It is really helping me learn much more, also the video clip I watched was Italian in 3 minutes.I really enjoyed it.
    Ciao Claudia.

  4. CIAO, I watched Italian in three minutes, it was a great way to learn and revise Italian keywords.I want to watch more!
    Arrivederci a tutti.

  5. I watched the Italian in three minutes video (greetings- I salute italiani). I learnt a few more greetings other than just ciao and buongiorno. Grazie Signora for creating this Italian HT blog to help us with our Italian skills. Arrivederci, Mikaela

  6. Ciao Signora,
    I watched the Italian phrases in three minute video and discovered a couple of new words/phrases like Piacere, E Lei? and Buona Fortuna!
    Arrivederci! Lucas

  7. Thank you Signora for putting up the Italian in 3 minutes videos. I really like watching them and I have learnt a lot of new Italian words.

  8. Ciao! Mi chiamo Alessia.Sono nella terza classe. Grazie mille Signora for putting up these Italiano interactive videos, they are full of education! By the way, Come stai? Io sto bene, grazie- Arrivedieci!

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