Interactive Italian Learning Games

Let's Speak Italian Ciao Converstaion

This special page allows students the opportunity to interactively immerse in new Italian dialogue or revise familiar Italian vocabulary. Which game did you enjoy playing and why? Would you recommend the game to other students? How can they access the game?

Languages OnLine
Click on the above link and Languages Online will test your Italian language on a variety of topics.

Digital Dialects Italian Language
This link offers students visual-audio support to assist with correct pronunciation and intonation of Italian keywords and phrases.

Molto Bene Italiano
This link revises Italian language through a range of word games.

Hello-World- Exploring Italian
This link offers students more than 700 free Italian interactive games.

Learn Italian with Babbel
This link allows students the opportunity to explore the Italian language as a beginner or an advanced learner.

Italian Colours
Test your knowledge of Italian colours- Do you know all your colours and how to spell the colour in Italian?

Italian Weather Game
Test your Italian knowledge about Weather and Seasons.

Classic World Cup Soccer Series
Test your soccer skils. Can you score a goal?

Brazil World Cup 2014
Challenge yourself to an interactive game of il calcio.

King Defenders in Soccer
Can you score a goal in this game? Buona Fortuna! Good Luck!

Hangman- Name family members in Italian.
Can you name each member of your family in Italian? Test your Italian knowledge with this interactive game of Hangman

31 thoughts on “Interactive Italian Learning Games

  1. The games are great. I enjoyed king defenders in soccer the most. I think that most people would enjoy the game because its exciting.

  2. All of the games were very fun, I enjoyed the Hangman game. I think that most of the children will find this game challenging but also very fun.

  3. These games are really fun and interactive.The game I enjoyed the most was classic world cup soccer.

  4. I think that if you are good at angles and soccer then classic world cup soccer is the game for you because it is certainly my favourite.

  5. I love the games & I keep playing the soccer ones.
    My little brother thought that they were awesome too!

  6. Hi Signora, it is Georgia from 6AB. I really like your Italian games you have put up. They are very fun and interesting. I played a couple and watched a youtube clip. You have done a great job with this Italian blog, Signora.

  7. Ciao Signora, sono Ebony, it was fun playing the soccer interactive game and I scored goals in the Brazil World Cup 2014.

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