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At Holy Trinity Primary School in Eltham North, an Italian L.O.T.E program is offered to all students from Grade Prep to Six. Each week, students receive a 40 minutes of face to face teaching session. To promote L.O.T.E learning the school actively engages in annual Multicultural and Italian days. On these special days, students are exposed to many interactive, engaging and inspiring cultural activities. The school is fortunate to have an Italian club which operates once a week, inviting all interested students during the lunch break to participate in interactive Italian activities.

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  1. I watched the video L`Italiano by Toto Cotugno because my grade and signora watched a fifth of it and I was curious to see more. The reason why I was curious was because I am Italian and generally at special occasions like a reception after a wedding, birthday or confirmation or communion there tends to always have this song on and when signora played the video because I had heard it so many times, I blocked my ears. I hope you found this interesting and if you are Italian and that song always seems to come up on special occasions I would be eager to hear about it

  2. I watched the video L`Italiano by Toto Cotugno because I had heard and listened to this song before, and it interests me. I love listening and dancing to this song at many celebrations. I have heard this song on many occasions such as: Italian Weddings, Christmas celebrations, Birthdays etc. This song and singer- Toto Cotugno, reminds me of the singer Patrizio and I have listened and watched his songs before. I really like this song and would love to find background information on Toto Cotugno because I love celebrating and dancing to this song at celebrations with family and friends.

  3. Ciao Jordan, grazie per l’idea, however, Parliamo L’italiano Insieme is the Italian chat page which students can feel free to write something in Italian.

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