Ciao a tutti! Benvenuti al blog Italiano alla scuola di Holy Trinity

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Welcome to Holy Trinity’s Italian blog. This Italian blog has been purposefully designed to assist and further consolidate Italian language learning at our school. Students at Holy Trinity have a 40 minute session of face to face learning each week. Italian language learning at our school starts in Grade Prep and continues up to Grade Six. The skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening is developed throughout their language learning experience at Holy Trinity. This blog provides students and parents with the opportunity to participate in a range of interactive learning activities and helps them to revise and rehearse familiar Italian language. Language learning is not only about learning the language but becoming familiar with its culture, traditions and where Italy is located in the the world.


Do you enjoy learning Italian at Holy Trinity? What do you enjoy most about learning a second language? Post a comment reflecting your thoughts.

9 thoughts on “Ciao a tutti! Benvenuti al blog Italiano alla scuola di Holy Trinity

  1. Wow! Signora, you have outdone yourself! I know how much time this took. It looks brilliant. Ben fatto!

  2. What a fantastic Blog you have designed for our students and families. You have included so many wonderful games. The layout is very user friendly. I wish I had this when I was at school!

  3. Mamma Mia Signora this blog is fantastic……..all of our ht students are very lucky to have this blog as part of their Italian program. Congratulations!!

  4. Wow! This is an amazing blog Signora!
    I love the idea of learning a second language especially Italian. It is really fun to learn Italian. You get to learn lots of different and interesting words. Also, if you come across someone Italian, you can use the words you learnt and have a conversation! I’d love to learn more and more Italian everyday.
    This blog is a great idea Signora! It can also help me learn new words!
    Italian is a great language to learn!

  5. Grazie Candice for your enthusiasm and interest with learning Italian at Holy Trinity. I am so happy that you enjoy learning the language and see the great benefits.

  6. Buongiorno Signora!!
    Come stai? It’s one of your old Italian Leaders here 🙂 I love your blog by the way, the Holy Trinity children should feel very privileged to have a beautiful blog like this! Surely never had something like this when I was at Holy Trinity! 😉


  7. Ciao Alessandra, sto molto bene grazie. Grazie tanto per quello che hai scritto. Il blog italiano e’ una cosa nuova spero che gli studenti lo trovano molto interessante!

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